The Best Burlap Bow Tutorial

This is a super easy tutorial. Step by step instructions so you can make the perfect burlap bow. Add this to anything to give it a special touch.

You can use any color ribbon, this is just what I had handy.

The ribbon will be labeled 1, 2, and 3. You’ll need ribbon, scissors, glue gun, and glue sticks.


Cut the ribbon to the following lengths.


Take piece number 1 and glue into a loop.

bow3 (1)

Like so. 

bow4 (1)

Do the same with piece number 3. This one will be a much smaller loop. You’ll actually want to flatten it down once it’s glued

bow6 (1)

Your two pieces should look like this.

bow7 (1)

Next you’re going to take loop 1 and pinch it three times in the center so it looks like this.

bow8 (1)

Here’s a closer picture. You’ll want to try to hold this while you do the next step. You could also pin it with a clothes pin.

bow8.5 (1)

Take piece number 2 and in the center, pinch it three times, so it looks like this.

bow9 (1)

Now put piece one and piece two together. Hold.

bow10 (1)

Take loop 3 and wrap it around the center of your ribbon where you have it pinched together.


Wrap the loop around and glue it in the back. Hold until glue sets (wont take long).


Once you’re done flip your bow over.


Your sides may not be perfect and that’s okay, you can fix it after everything is all glued.


Hold piece number 3 and pull on the side that is smallest (just a little until it looks even.) Give your ribbon ends a decorative cut.


After you give your bow a decorative cut it should be done! Way to go! Please let me know if you have any questions about this tutorial. And I would LOVE to see your bow! Post a picture in the comments or just let me know how well this tutorial worked for you.


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