About Me

megThanks for stopping by my blog! Let me tell you a little bit about myself, I’m married to my best friend, Eric. We have five children ranging from 22 to 7, one grandchild, and another on the way. We live on a small farm, in a small town, in New York.

We raise black Angus beef cows, chickens, for both eggs and meat, we raise the occasional pig, for meat and have a pot belly pig, Pixie, as a pet! I’m sure you’ll see a lot of her on here. I love gardening, vegetables and flowers. I’m pretty crafty and like to make most of my home decor myself and want to be able to share that will you. I’ll post tutorials and free printable you’ll be able to utilize for your own project.

I truly believe that living a simple life is the key to a happy life. We are trying to dial it down on a lot of extra everything, and focus on what really makes us happy.

I’m hoping I can connect with other parents, moms, women, farmers or crafters like me. So feel free to comment, share and follow me.