Fun Way to Name your Cattle

I don’t like the idea of cows having just a number. We take good care of our cows and knowing they live a good life, makes what we do, a little easier. We created this fun way to name our cattle and giving them an actual name helps them become more apart of the farm. Also a great way to get the kids more involved.

When we first started, it was a calf here or there, mainly holsteins. We had Elmer, Jade, Lucky, Lucky2, Red. We purchased a hereford mix calf. Addison, she was our first beef cow. I think that’s when it started for us. We knew we wanted to raise beef cattle. Then we purchased our first full blooded angus heifers. The only way we could tell them apart, was that one had a green collar, and the other a black one. Eventually it turned into B & G, but still wanted to give them names. The heifer with the black collar ended being Big Mamma, she rules the pasture. The heifer with the green collar is Gail.

Last year we had seven calves, this year we had 10 calves, well we will once Addison freshens. Okay, so I’ll get to the naming process. It’s very simple but this way we can tell who’s calf is who’s. It’s also a new process for us so not all of the older cows have a name, they might have a letter. We probably tried to name them but we were so used to calling them by a letter it was hard to switch.

Naming our cows

Last year, Gail had a bull, Gus. See how we stayed with the letter G. This year Gail had a heifer and we named her Grace.
Last year, Big Mamma had Bessy. B name! This year she had twins, Becky and Bucky.
Addison’s first calf was Amazon. Last year she had Aspen. This year she hasn’t had her calf yet but it will start with the letter A
Amazon had a calf this year, but we didn’t go with the letter A. We named her River. (Theme)
Daisy had Rose last year and this year the kids named her bull calf Dande, for Dandelion. (Theme)
Panda as in Panda Bear. had Grizzly last year. This year she had Polar. (Theme)
And hopefully we can branch off from all the calves and get their own theme/letter started. This is so much fun for the kids, getting them more involved with the farm is hard, so any little thing helps.

I’m still working on updating this post. Please bear with me.

Some of our calves from 2019. Note* They are only a few weeks old.

Yet to come…

It will be interesting next year, trying to name them all.
We should have 10 calves.
We are putting our bull in with the cows this Sunday. Maybe I can get a video which would be pretty interesting to say the least. I’m not a big fan of the angus bulls, or any bull for that matter. My husband usually makes me fill in a hole whenever we are trying to load or unload. It’s not fun, but I stand my ground and then we usually don’t talk for the rest of the day. I’m sure if you’re a farmers wife you can relate! I hate working cattle with my husband! lmao.

Field with four black angus calves
Some of our 2019 Calves

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5 thoughts on “Fun Way to Name your Cattle

  1. I agree about working with the cows. Then said I was too afraid of the holsteins, which he said wouldn’t hurt me. No he says I am not afraid enough of the beefers, those he says will hurt me. There is definitely a difference in the breeds personalities.

    1. Wow, spell check failed me. Pat said I was to afraid of holsteins, and not afraid enough of the beef cows.

  2. Lol. Eric and I yell at each other whenever we’re working the cows. I don’t mind the holsteins at all. But you’re right, different breeds have different personalities. We have about four angus that I don’t trust one bit. Wont walk out in the pasture if they are present.

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