Creating Dust Baths for Chickens

Chickens naturally want to bathe in the dirt. So why not make it the best, healthiest option for them. If your chickens are free range this might be a little harder to get them to bathe in one specific area. I have placed tires filled with this mixture all over the yard. Although they still like to dig in my gardens!

I like to use a mixture of soil, diatomaceous earth, ashes, and sand. The diatomaceous earth kill mites, lice, fleas, ticks, and other parasites.

While the chickens are bathing they naturally peck around, they will end up eating some of the charcoal from the wood ashes and this is good for them as it absorbs toxins and works as a laxative, cleaning them out. lol.

Sand just makes the soil easy for the chickens to bathe in it.

I placed it all in a wheelbarrow and mixed it together. I had a couple of old tires that I painted and put in a desired spot, filled them with the mixture and hoped the chickens would find them!

The only thing I had to purchase was the diatomaceous earth, make sure you purchase the food grade DE. We had the soil in one part of our yard and the sand on the other side. We burn wood for heat so we have lots of wood ashes. Don’t use wood ashes if you had to use lighter fluid or any other flammable liquids. That would not be good for the chickens.

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