Yard Makeover

Update** Please note, this is an ongoing project. I will add more as things change.😁 What a crazy three days it’s been. When we moved into our house 4 years ago there was a crap load of trees in the backyard. Pine trees. Yuck. I really dislike any kind of pine tree. So they had to go. We’ve been cutting them down and all that was left were the stumps. 42 of them I think.

And finally we had someone come and pull them out!

We still have to haul away the stumps and probably get a couple loads of dirt and level it all out. But it’s a start and I cannot wait until it’s done. Next couple of pictures are of the new drain we had to install into the basement.

I will keep updating as things start looking better. Tomorrow I’ll be starting on the chicken coop.

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