Easter Sunday

Happy Easter Friends! It was a wonderful laid back morning here at our house. Brunch and I treated myself to a mimosa… or two. It was a little chilly here but the sun finally peeked out around 2 or so. Every Easter we take a walk or ride down to this little spring we have in the back pasture. The kids and dogs love it. It has become some what of a tradition here on the homestead.

We played a little baseball, did some target practice and even snuck in some yard work.

The fun never last’s around here though. Mid way through the kids showers the water completely shuts off. So I tell Eric and he does his thing. He ends up having to go down into the well. We have this creepy man dug well, and you can climb down about 50 ish feet. The well goes farther than that but it has this old metal rung ladder you can climb down on. Anyways he goes down just a little bit to see if something is off, and of course it is. Thankfully he could get it fixed and get our water going.

^^^ Creepy Ladder

While replacing the part he drops his electrical tester and some tools. He was not happy about either. Oh well shit happens. I’m just happy he made it out okay, I hate the well, it give me the creeps, I was sick to my stomach the whole time he was down there.

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