The Best Burlap Bow Tutorial

This is a super easy tutorial. Step by step instructions so you can make the perfect burlap bow. Add this to anything to give it a special touch.

You can use any color ribbon, this is just what I had handy.

The ribbon will be labeled 1, 2, and 3. You’ll need ribbon, scissors, glue gun, and glue sticks.


Cut the ribbon to the following lengths.


Take piece number 1 and glue into a loop.

bow3 (1)

Like so. 

bow4 (1)

Do the same with piece number 3. This one will be a much smaller loop. You’ll actually want to flatten it down once it’s glued

bow6 (1)

Your two pieces should look like this.

bow7 (1)

Next you’re going to take loop 1 and pinch it three times in the center so it looks like this.

bow8 (1)

Here’s a closer picture. You’ll want to try to hold this while you do the next step. You could also pin it with a clothes pin.

bow8.5 (1)

Take piece number 2 and in the center, pinch it three times, so it looks like this.

bow9 (1)

Now put piece one and piece two together. Hold.

bow10 (1)

Take loop 3 and wrap it around the center of your ribbon where you have it pinched together.


Wrap the loop around and glue it in the back. Hold until glue sets (wont take long).


Once you’re done flip your bow over.


Your sides may not be perfect and that’s okay, you can fix it after everything is all glued.


Hold piece number 3 and pull on the side that is smallest (just a little until it looks even.) Give your ribbon ends a decorative cut.


After you give your bow a decorative cut it should be done! Way to go! Please let me know if you have any questions about this tutorial. And I would LOVE to see your bow! Post a picture in the comments or just let me know how well this tutorial worked for you.


Next up for tutorials

Pineapple Birthday Cake

Pineapple’s and Cacti seem to be all the rage lately and my daughter has jumped right on board with it all.

This month she turned ten. She wanted a pineapple and cactus birthday party. Well, I like to try and save a buck wherever I can, so I decided to make her cake myself! Learned a super easy technique-on youtube of course- to make her a pineapple cake, made the topper out of an old file folder then ordered cactus cupcake toppers from Amazon, and BAM! Best. Mom. Ever. Well, at least for a few minutes.

Update** A little bit more about this cake. Here is the link to the video I watched to learn a new decorating technique. Very easy, I did not buy the items she uses, you can use a sandwich bag and a spoon – like I did. I also didn’t line up my dots evenly. There is a link under the picture to the cupcake toppers I purchased from Amazon. and I found a free printable for the cupcake liners on pinterest. All I did was trace and cut on construction paper I already had. As for the topper I’m going to upload a printable for you. I just free hand the topper on card stock and then painted it.


Barn Door

My laundry room is attached to my dining room. Not really ideal but It’s what I have to deal with. So with three children still at home, we have a shit ton of laundry to say the least. It gets thrown in there, dumped in there, piled up in there. It’s the most frustrating thing. Anyway, I’ve been wanting a door to close when the washer is running or we have guest over.

I think I finally have a system down it’s just trying to keep up with it.

And for Christmas my husband built me a barn door. eek!

I still need to stain it but it’s there until spring when I can take it down and get it stained in the garage.

Let me see your barn door. Post picture in the comment section below.

Christmas on the Farm

So I’m a little late posting this but still wanted to share my farm themed Christmas tree. I’ve wanted one since we moved into this house and it has taken about three years to do so.

It’s far from magazine worthy but I absolutely love it. Here are some close up of the ornaments…
My friend made the wooden block ornaments that have different farm animals on them, the “Ho Ho Ho” one and I think there is a “Santa” one as well.
A lot of the ornaments I have picked up after Christmas when they were most likely 75% off. I did make the wooden star ornament in the picture above.
I picked up the flocked Christmas tree one year after Christmas at Wal-Mart for I think $20.