Parenting Hack

My kids are always forgetting their lunchbox on the counter, on the bus, in their lockers at school. So I wanted to share this little hack with you. Buy an inexpensive carabiner clip and attach to the loop of your child’s backpack. The clip stays there and you can remove/attach lunchbox This works great and the kids don’t complain about it.

Yard Makeover

What a crazy three days it’s been. When we moved into our house 4 years ago there was a crap load of trees in the backyard. Pine trees. Yuck. I really dislike any kind of pine tree. So they had to go. We’ve been cutting them down and all that was left were the stumps.

And finally we had someone come and pull them out!

We still have to haul away the stumps and probably get a couple loads of dirt and level it all out. But it’s a start and I cannot wait until it’s done. Next couple of pictures are of the new drain we had to install into the basement.

I will keep updating as things start looking better. Tomorrow I’ll be starting on the chicken coop.


To celebrate the recent changes I’ve been making I’m giving away one of my hand made signs. The giveaway starts now and all you have to do is subscribe and or follow my blog and share this post on Facebook! Each one you complete equals one entry.

So you could earn up to three entries.

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The winner will be announced May 22nd at Noon! Winner gets their choice of sign!

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter Friends! It was a wonderful laid back morning here at our house. Brunch and I treated myself to a mimosa… or two. It was a little chilly here but the sun finally peeked out around 2 or so. Every Easter we take a walk or ride down to this little spring we have in the back pasture. The kids and dogs love it. It has become some what of a tradition here on the homestead.

We played a little baseball, did some target practice and even snuck in some yard work.

The fun never last’s around here though. Mid way through the kids showers the water completely shuts off. So I tell Eric and he does his thing. He ends up having to go down into the well. We have this creepy man dug well, and you can climb down about 50 ish feet. The well goes farther than that but it has this old metal rung ladder you can climb down on. Anyways he goes down just a little bit to see if something is off, and of course it is. Thankfully he could get it fixed and get our water going.

^^^ Creepy Ladder

While replacing the part he drops his electrical tester and some tools. He was not happy about either. Oh well shit happens. I’m just happy he made it out okay, I hate the well, it give me the creeps, I was sick to my stomach the whole time he was down there.

To Do List, + Cuteness Overload

As you know we are making big changes around here. I’ll only be working part time so I’ll have more time to do things on the farm.

During the month of May I’m hoping to…

  1. Build a chicken coop
  2. Build a pen for Pixie
  3. Build a greenhouse from old windows
  4. Build a roadside stand to sell vegetables, eggs and other items
  5. Lots of yard work – We have someone coming to pull about 40 stumps from our yard

I will try and take as many pictures of my projects, I want everything to be as inexpensive as possible all the while looking presentable.

And I’ll just leave all this cuteness right here for ya

Spring is here

I have been MIA for awhile but I’ve been working on making some big changes. I’m quitting my full-time job for a part-time job that’s closer to home and I’ll be working more on the homestead. Hoping that these changes will make the family (and myself) much happier.

It’s calving season and we’ve had FIVE babies so far and two more to go. This is big for us. Last year we only had to two calves. Lots of worry going on around here. When I’m at work there is no one here to help my husband if something goes wrong while someone is in labor. We did have to help two mamma’s get their calf out. Everyone seems to be doing well so far.

So between working and taking care of animals, family, and trying to keep the house clean I haven’t had much time to spend on here.

I’ve starting lots of seeds for my garden. They are currently taking over my house, hoping to build a greenhouse this Spring/Summer, we’ll see though. Next year I’m sure I’ll have more to start and will need a lot more room.

I’ve taken the month of May off before I start my new job. So lots of things I want to get done before June.

  1. Build Chicken Coop
  2. Build Greenhouse from old windows
  3. Lot’s of yard work!!
  4. Work on Blog 😉

Valentine’s Day Fun

Looking for a Valentine’s Day snack to send into school for your kids classroom party? I made a great trail mix to send into school tomorrow. I was able to make three big containers for each of the kids to take in.

Just simply distribute the snacks equally to each container.

I wasn’t real happy with the m&m’s they were really large and not many came in the package. But it was a welcoming change from the usually pepperoni, cheese, and crackers I’m always sending in for class parties.

Friday on the Farm

This week on the farm the weather was all over the place, snow, freezing rain then more freezing rain. I had more days off than I worked due to weather.

I didn’t get very many pictures this week but hopefully in my future “Friday on the Farm” posts it will be much more interesting!

Have a great weekend everyone!

DIY Command Center

Are after schools at home crazy? I know it is at my house! Need a Command Center that actually works? Then you’re at the right place.

I’ve been trying different ways to make this less crazy and give the kids more structure once they walk through that door. Usually they toss their crap all over the floor and are complete slobs! ugh! Then I have to nag which turns to me yelling, then I’m the worst mom ever.

I sat down with the kids and had them help me come up with this checklist. I thought that if they helped make the list, they would be more willing to do it.

This is what we came up with…

Command Center2

I’m giving you a free printable so you can try this out with your children!!


I hot glued a magnet on the clipboard, put the print out in a page protector and then taped it to the clipboard. This way they can use a dry erase marker to check off what they finished and I can swap out their chore.

They are simple chores that don’t take very long. (They helped me come up with the chores too) we wrote them on popsicle sticks and hot glued a magnet to the back of each one.

As for the activities, I wanted them to do something that didn’t have anything to do with their tablets or the TV. I also have those on popsicle sticks and they have to pick them out of a jar. I have ones like, color/draw, perler beads, slime/play dough, kinetic sand, craft (which I’m working on mini crafts for them to do), and read.

This is not a fancy command center, but it’s a practical one that seems to be working great!

Command Center Good

Anything important from school goes in the black hanging basket. We have a calendar that we can note any school activities, birthday parties, concerts, and sporting events that are going on. We also have a message board and a corkboard.

The kids have been very excited to come home and use these checklists and see what activity they have. So far they have spent the whole evening doing their activity. Mom win!

Garden Planning

This morning I’m home with my youngest, she’s been coughing for a few days and don’t want to send her to school like that. So I get to stay home too.

I decided to get my seed catalogs out and start to really think about what I’m doing for a garden this year. How do you plan your garden?

Garden books

While I’m maping out my garden plans I’m also enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Coffee cup2

I’ll be sharing my garden plans with you in just a few short weeks!